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Read what clients have said about Trackit Bluetooth Smart Scale.

  • Blog by Trackit INC

    "Love my new little scale. It’s small and beautiful and I’d say it’s easy to read and accurate. You stand on it after you download the app and your app automatically recognizes your weight"

    Nora Forster
  • Blog by Trackit INC

    "I always wanted to find a scale where I could track my weight on my phone so this one is great! For the price, it’s a good quality scale that gives me a quick read on my weight, I recommended it"

    Curtis Robbins
  • Blog by Trackit INC

    "I purchased this scale as I have been dieting for over a month. Intense clean eating, no bread all fresh, etc. So, after a month, I decided well I’d like to start tracking it because I can tell I am losing weight”

    Jennifer Akridge
  • Blog by Trackit INC

    "This is the best purchase I’ve made. I log in to the app every morning and am able to keep track of my weight and body composition. It is a tool to manage and maintain good health. I am now 9 lbs away from my goal"

    Angela Bryant
  • Blog by Trackit INC

    "This scale was very affordable, and it works great! I love the sleek design and mobile app compatibility. I downloaded their app and started using it! It’s a great device”

    James Olson
  • Blog by Trackit INC

    "This is exactly what I was looking for to help track my weight loss, it connects to my phone and does a great job. It works with the health app on my iPhone and tracks my daily progress"

    Tamela Kelso